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Recent Visitor Comments

Shaun M about Overcoming Fear
Mon, 08.06.2009 01:02
Hey Bob, thanks for that advic e, I appreciate it. I have thi s fear that I'm going to lose my personality (Who I re [...]

Annie about Using Powerful Daily Affirmations Will Change Your Life
Wed, 27.05.2009 02:53
affirmation really works an i mportant role in achieving our goals. Vision board

Allen Loomis about Using Powerful Daily Affirmations Will Change Your Life
Mon, 02.03.2009 01:14
Great Blog here :-) "The ave rage person puts only 25% of h is energy and ability into his work. The world takes o [...]

D. James Albert about Charity and the Law of Attraction - Giving with Focus
Wed, 24.12.2008 03:11
Bob, Thank you for posting this. With regards to thi s comment: "D. James Albert goes on to talk about t [...]

Beth & Bill about A Thanksgiving Blessing
Thu, 27.11.2008 09:47
We'll be going out of state to visit relatives and will be d oing the whole family dinner t hing. Hope you enjoy you [...]

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