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Your Future Begins Here - Online Life Coaching from Bob Crawford

Online life coaching will help you learn to set and achieve goals, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and develop an action plan that will move you in the direction of your dreams.

Choose your Coaching package below and transform your life today!

There are several ways that you can begin to change your life right now! Click on the package below that best suits your needs. From quick advice on a pressing life challenge, to personalized coaching programs, your online life coach is ready to help you begin seeing a difference in your life.

"The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll be living the life of your dreams!"

Silver Coaching program

Gold Coaching program

Platinum Coaching Program


Which Option is Right For You?

"Bob, which coaching option is right for me?"

That depends upon several factors... how badly do you want to achieve your dreams? How much help do you think you need?

There is no one solution that fits everyone, that's why I offer several different levels of coaching.

Regardless of which program you decide on, rest assured, all of my coaching clients receive the same cutting-edge success technology and personal attention.

I can't wait to see what YOU will achieve!

Silver Coaching program

Ask Your Life Coach

Silver Success Email Coaching

A popular choice for focusing on one specific area of your life, the 'Ask Your Life Coach' Silver Success program works best with a single goal or a single personal challenge.

The Silver Success program includes:

  • Personal attention.
  • A detailed written response to your query.
  • One follow up email for clarification.

That's it! Quick and easy, the Silver Success program is perfect for anyone who needs:

  • Quick guidance related to a specific goal.
  • Help with a single problem or difficulty.
  • A fresh viewpoint to help overcome a challenge.

And the best part... ?

You get professional coaching advice for only $49.00 (U.S.)

This is easily the best value that you will find. It's also the easiest way for you to tap into the power of coaching and mentoring and to begin seeing amazing changes in your life.


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Remember - You receive the same high quality coaching you would receive from traditional in-person coaching sessions, only you accomplish it through the wonder of email. This allows me to keep my fees low and to help as many people as possible.

Gold Coaching program

Start Achieving Today!

Gold Success Coaching

Jumpstart your success today! The Gold Success coaching program is light years beyond traditional email coaching sessions - and was created to help YOU get the results that you are looking for.

Gold Success Coaching takes my wildly successful email coaching and adds an important element that is missing from many higher-priced success programs - personal interaction.

Each month of Gold Success coaching includes a strategy setting telephone consultation. That means you get started faster! There is no wasted time waiting for an email reply to get started on your action plan.

With the Gold Success program you get:

  • Personal attention.
  • Initial 30 minute phone consultation ~ Gets you started FAST!
  • Expanded email access allows you up to 10 coaching emails per month.
  • A personalized action plan - tailored to YOUR goals and needs.

Gold Success Coaching will take your life to the next level. Start today and you can begin taking action and seeing results faster than you ever imagined.

Do me a favor, take a moment and think about what you really want your life to be like...

  • Where do you want to live?
  • Who do you want to live with?
  • What to you want to do for fun?
  • How do you want to support yourself and your loved ones?

Now, here is the most important question of all...

Do you have a plan to accomplish these important goals?

I will help you create a viable action plan that incorporates your goals and dreams with your skills and strengths.

If you are ready to change your life... if you are ready to begin living your dreams... if you are ready to experience life from a new perspective... then click below, right now, and begin the journey of your life!


Gold Success Coaching is only $195 (U.S.) per month.

Get started right now! Begin transforming your life for just $195

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Gold Success Coaching delivers a one-two punch that will really get you on the fast track to achieving your desires. You get all the benefits of email coaching plus real telephone support - an unbeatable combination!




Platinum VIP Success Coaching

Platinum VIP Success Coaching is limited to those few motivated individuals who are ready to take their life into new dimensions of success and accomplishment. Because of the high level of personal interaction involved, I can only work with a small number of clients at one time. If you have the desire and the drive to succeed then you might be a candidate for Platinum coaching. Follow the link below to apply.


Platinum Coaching Program

Transform Your Life!

Platinum VIP Success Coaching

The Platinum VIP Coaching Program takes success coaching a quantum leap into the future! Are you ready for success? Are you ready to become an achiever?

Platinum VIP Success Coaching is a total coaching package that WILL change your life forever. This dynamic and powerful system will enable you to transform each and every area of your life with laser precision.

There are many factors, both internal and external, that influence your ability to set and achieve goals in life. Successful people in every field know three things:

  1. Change always comes from within.
  2. Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses is key to your success.
  3. You have to plan to succeed.

The Platinum VIP Success Coaching program was developed around those three guiding principles. Platinum members learn strategies and processes that work together to create lasting change. You'll also:

  • Learn to overcome self-limiting beliefs.
  • Discover how to achieve maximum results from everything you do.
  • Learn universal principles that affect your success.
  • Create a lifestyle that combines your unique talents with your desires.

Platinum VIP Success Coaching is a complete system designed for one purpose: To supercharge your ability to create a vision of your future - so that you can achieve extreme success!

Here are just a few of the benefits that Platinum VIP members enjoy:

  • Personal attention.
  • Initial 60 minute telephone consultation.
  • A weekly 45 minute strategy session.
  • A weekly 30 minute telephone update session.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • A personalized action plan.
  • Bonus training material - Be among the first to have access to some of the hottest new training materials - often before they are released to the general public.

This system has everything you need to take your life to quantum heights. How high do you want to go? What would your life look like if you began achieving your wildest dreams?

When you are ready to take the next step towards the future of your dreams...

When you are ready to change your life... Click the link below and get started today!

Platinum VIP Success Coaching can be yours for only $999 (U.S.) per month.

***Platinum VIP Success Coaching is an elite program, limited to select, motivated clients. To see if you qualify, please click the link below for more information.***



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