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Signs: Coincidences or Messages from the Universe?

or "The Umbrella Incident" - by Bob Crawford

t’s a bright sunny morning. You are at home, preparing to leave for work, or school, or maybe even a party. Let’s make it a party. A fancy birthday party. You’ve spent hours getting ready. Now you’re gathering up your last minute things, getting ready to leave. As you reach into the closet for your jacket and slide it from the clothes hanger, the jacket catches on the handle of your umbrella, which is leaning against the wall in the closet, and the umbrella falls to the floor with a dull thud.

Without a second thought you stand the umbrella up, shut the closet door, and continue on out of the house. You unlock your car, and slide behind the wheel. As you are buckling your seatbelt you mentally run down a short checklist to be sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Nope, all set, you think as you head off toward your destination, already anticipating the fun times ahead.

Now honestly, how surprised are you when an hour later it begins to rain... just as you pull into the parking lot? Do you think “Damn! Nobody told me it was going to rain today, forgetting all about the tiny incident of your umbrella falling over in the closet? Or maybe now, with the stimulus of the cold rain soaking your head, you do recall the umbrella incident, and you think instead, “If only I had picked up that darn umbrella.”

So, was the umbrella incident some kind of sign? Was it a message from the universe? Was it your inner self looking out for your physical body? Or was it just a coincidence, the umbrella falling over and the rain appearing later... two random events not connected in any tangible way? The answer is deceivingly simple...

It is what it is. Or, from your perspective, it is what you decide it is. It is either a sign or a coincidence. You get to choose. And whichever you choose, sign or coincidence, that will be the right choice for you. If you decide that events like this are simply random coincidences, then coincidences is all that they will be for you in your reality. You will gain nothing from them, they will do nothing for you, because your belief is that there is nothing to be gained from them. Your choosing to believe in nothing but coincidence, however, will not affect anyone else’s ability to choose to believe otherwise.

If, on the other hand, your belief is that the umbrella incident was a sign from God, or your spirit guide, or your inner self, then that will be your reality. Believe it and it will be so. Believe that you can raise your awareness and become more in tune with your inner being and you will be. Believe that the physical world around you responds to your intentions, and it will be so. Believe that you and you alone create your immediate reality and the universe will respond in ways you can’t even imagine.

Once you begin flexing your spiritual muscles and start putting forth your intentions you’ll awaken to a whole new way of looking at the minutiae of life. As you move about your day you will encounter small, seemingly inconsequential things that may relate to your intentions, or to problems that you are trying to resolve, or to something important that is on your mind. You see a sign in a shop window, or a newspaper headline, or an advertisement and a word or an image suddenly jumps out at you. Something clicks and you have a thought. A thought that relates to your intention or to the problem you’ve been trying to resolve. That thought leads to another thought and before you know it, you have an idea, a solution, a miracle.

As you consciously put your intention upon what you want and desire, the law of attraction goes into effect. Your thinking about something, whether it is to gain abundance, or to solve a troubling problem... your intending deeply, and with emotion, causes that thought energy to begin attracting similar thoughts and ideas. Often the answers you seek are close at hand. You’ve just been so busy racing through life and dealing with the daily grind that your awareness hasn’t been operating at its full potential.

Your belief is the key. If you are looking for signs, you’ll see signs. They are all around you, every day of your life. You just have to open your awareness and listen to your inner self. Your inner self is working overtime trying to manifest your intentions, and has unlimited ways to catch your attention. It will use anything it can find in the physical world to bring thoughts and ideas into your conscious mind that relate to your desires and intentions.

Watch out though, you can really get bogged down trying to interpret every little detail of your life as a sign for something or other. With very little effort you can create ‘signs’ out of just about anything. You’ll spend your day wondering, “Was that a sign? Was that a sign? Was that a sign?”

Here’s an easy way to tell if what you experienced was really a sign, whether from heaven or your inner self. When some event or something you see triggers you to ask the question, “Was that a sign?” stop and examine how you are feeling. If it is truly meant to be something you are supposed to take notice of you will experience a definite feeling, an emotion, however slight, that will clue you in. Sometimes felt in the ‘gut’, sometimes in the heart, this feeling will let you know that this is something to pay attention to. Usually these types of signs tend to ‘pop’ into our awareness. You’re just moving along minding your own business when ‘pop’ you notice something that triggers an idea.

Gradually you will learn to tell the difference between things and events around you that may have meaning for you and things that don’t. Let your emotional feelings guide you. Sometimes you will experience something and you will feel certain that it must be a sign of some sort, but you can interpret it in two different, often opposite, ways. When this happens step back and pause for a bit. What was your first feeling? Chances are, that is the one with the emotion attached to it. That is the choice that your inner self is presenting to you.

So, the next time the umbrella falls over... take it with you. It might rain. Or it might not rain. Maybe by taking the umbrella you avoided the rain. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is. The point isn’t whether or not the ‘umbrella incident’ is a prediction of rain that day. What matters is that you listened to the inner voice. You took notice of the sign. You strengthened the connection with your inner self. By allowing your inner self to attract your conscious attention you are opening the door to easier and more powerful results. You can put out the most powerful intentions into the universe, but if you are going through life with blinders on you’ll never see the wonderful things the universe is bringing to you.

Remember, it is always your choice. Life can be full of coincidences and luck, or it can be full of manifested intentions and fulfilled desires. Choose well.



Bob Crawford is a spiritual teacher, inspirational speaker, and writer. He can be contacted at

This article may be copied and republished in full as long as this resource box is included in its entirety, and no monetary gain is derived from such use.

Copyright © 2007 by Robert Crawford








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