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About Bob

Hi! I'm Bob Crawford. I'm an author, speaker, and personal success coach from central Connecticut.

My Passion
My passion is helping people just like you unlock your true potential, so you can experience and live the life that you desire and deserve.
I believe you have the potential to turn your dreams into your reality!

My Mission
My mission is to touch the lives of one million people, opening the door of opportunity and bringing light and hope to each, by sharing simple ideas and strategies that can help them eliminate the blocks that have been keeping them from realizing their full personal power.

Bob Crawford

Transforming Lives
My personal self growth philosophy is pretty simple... Take what works for you and use it! My approach to self growth and personal success is an integral one, and works on both your 'outer' and 'inner' selves to create a powerfully aligned SELF that is capable of creating amazing changes. I go beyond traditional goal setting and show you how to BE the you that you need to become.

I believe that you are already an 'enlightened being', able to manifest your wildest desires, you've just forgotten it! Experiencing your enlightenment and living life from your higher self isn't in the realm of fantasy, it is reality. You can choose to be enlightened... NOW! You can choose to experience life differently than you may have been choosing before NOW.

You can choose to have more happiness, more abundance, more success, better relationships, better health...
whatever you want, you can decide to move towards.

Through my one on one coaching programs, online workshops and classes, live events, books, talks, and speaking engagements, I will take you by the hand and walk you through this deceptively simple process, (One of the biggest myths of self growth is the silly idea that change has to be hard and painful), so that you can begin getting more of what you want in your life... and less of what you don't want!

An open mind and a willing spirit are all that are needed for you to create the life you desire. You already have the willing spirit, now just open your mind and join me on the adventure of your life!

My Story
Life is good! I'm happily married to my best friend and soulmate, Donna Marie, a warm and caring woman whose psychic abilities tend to make life very interesting at times. We have a daughter, Cindy, who is in college, studying to be a teacher. I also have a slightly neurotic Cocker Spaniel, appropriately named "Princess"; a cat we inherited from my Mom; and four parakeets - one of which was my Mom's too. We've lived in Connecticut our entire lives, but Donna and I plan on buying an RV and traveling the country sometime after Cindy graduates.

My life wasn't always this good. In fact, I have had my share of challenges. I have gone through two divorces. I have been homeless. I have been flat broke. For many years I was a single parent, working full time and raising a daughter in a time when there weren't that many single fathers - in fact, I was the only single dad at my daughter's elementary school. I understand the feeling of being stuck, with no options in sight.

I have been there and done that, and I've got the T-shirt to prove it, but now I never have to go back to that place of uncertainty. Now that I am living on purpose and following my heart, I am creating the life that I want. Join me and you can do the same!

This Site is my online home. This is where you will find info on many different aspects of self improvement and personal success. You can read the Growing Your SELF! blog, where I share awesome strategies and tips to help you manifest your dreams easier and faster; you can check out the many articles available for you online; and you can learn about upcoming events and personal success coaching options. You can even book me to speak for your group or organization.

I'm glad that you've visited my site today and I hope you'll come back often. I wish you the best on whatever road you travel.