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Aug 072009

Alain de Botton: A kinder, gentler philosophy of success. Enjoy this refreshing look at the nature of success from Alain de Botton. It’s just over 16 minutes long, but I think you’ll enjoy it!

Alain certainly provides a great way of thinking about success. Far too many of us are going through life searching for success that eludes us… searching for someone else’s idea of success.

When you take the time to reflect and discover what success truly means to you, life becomes infinitely easier and more managable.

No matter what area of life you are trying to achieve personal success in, you can boost your results by clearly defining your goals and deciding just what success will look like in your life. It comes down to a matter of mindset. If your mindset includes clarity and purpose you are well on your way to living the success that you envision.

Chances are, if you are aligned with your true purpose you will find your vision of success filling your life!

Keep living your dreams!



p.s. Many times all it takes is a single decision to transform your life. A great decision would be to become a part of a success oriented group of motivated people. Learn how.

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